Less Money to Maintain New Homes

There are so many benefits to buying a new home over a used home: you get to choose all your interior selections,  building codes are much more structurally sound, and most importantly…you will not find someone else’s toe nails in the carpet. One of the best benefits is that a brand new home can help you save money. According to an article by NAHB Eye on Housing, new homes are much less expensive to maintain.

The article references the American Housing Survey which showed that 26 percent of all homeowners spend $100 a month or more on home maintenance expenses while only 11 percent of new homeowners spend that much. In fact, 73 percent of new homeowners spend $25 or less a month on repairs.

The same holds true for cost savings from energy efficiency. Today’s new homes are far more energy-efficient than homes built just 5 years ago. The article states that Homeowners spend 78 cents per square foot a year on electricity while new homeowners spend just 65 cents per square foot annually. Also, owners of homes with piped gas average 53 cents per square foot annually, and new homeowners spend 38 cents per square foot a year. Over time the savings really add up!

On the topic of saving money- if you are interested in purchasing a new home and you have a home to sell (anywhere in the United States) you should take a look at Move-Up America. They have been helping families get into new homes for 17 years now. They partner with top listing agents to provide you with full service listings to sell your current home and get you into a new home with a commissions savings of 75%. Future blog on this coming soon!

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